1. Corporate Services

These are the services that we offer to our global/corporate clients operating in different industries such as automotive, energy, textile, IT, fast consumption, healthcare and wellness in all requested language pairs, mainly in English and German. We can list our corporate services as follows:

– Technical translation: Technical documents, tender specifications, product brochures and factsheets, quality standards and certificates, manuals, transcription and subtitling, etc.

– Marketing translation: Corporate presentations and trainings, organizational charts, job descriptions, policies and procedures, website and product localization, marketing and communication reports, brand, product and service launches, press releases, media monitoring, crisis management, advertising, product trainings

– Finance translation: Certified accountants’ reports, annual reports, audit reports, financial statements, feasibility studies

– Legal translation: Turkish and European legislation, merger and acquisition agreements, corporate documents, court proceedings, official documents, sales and distributorship agreements and other legal texts

– Interpretation: Press events, company meetings, plant tours, simultaneous, consecutive and whisper interpretation and ancillary services

– Editing and proofreading: Examination of translated texts in English- Turkish language pair with meticulous attention and making necessary corrections on these texts in terms of terminology, grammar, wording, style, cohesion and consistency.

2. Individual Services

We offer the following services to Turkish citizens and foreign nationals residing in Turkey:

– Notary certified translation: Notary certified translations of documents between Turkish and English, German, Russian languages to be submitted to domestic or foreign official and civil institutions. These translations need to be apostilled by the District Governorship so that they can be used abroad.

– Certified translation: Printed translation of documents bearing our seal and signature and also declaration if necessary.

– Interpretation: Consecutive interpretations asked by the foreign nationals for their transactions with the public institutions like Courts, Notary Publics and Land Registry Offices.